Hoyt Maxxis

I spoke with Tony Tazza, Hoyt Pro Shooter and Factory Rep, about the Hoyt Maxxis.  This bow features beyond parallel limbs which help to eliminate noise and vibration.  Tony thinks it will be the hunting bow of 2010.  It looks like they improved upon the amazing Alpha Max. I love my Alpha Max 35. What is different about the Maxxis is the beyond parallel limbs.

These work by the limbs counteracting the movement of each other which eliminates forward jump. The limbs do not flex forward or back.  They flex up and down at an equal speed to counter each other, making for a very steady shot with minimal noise and vibration. The Maxxis is available in two sizes, a 31 inch axle to axle and a 35 inch axle to axle. The 31 is available in draw lengths ranging from 26-30 inches the 35 is available in a 27-32 inches.  See my interview with Tony below.

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Beyond Parallel Limbs

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