Hoyt Contender

The Hoyt Contender is Hoyt’s new target bow for 2010. I am currently shooting a Contender Elite with 3000 limbs and spiral cams. It is available with your choice of 2000s or 3000s limbs, and Spiral X or Cam & 1/2 cams.

It has a limb pocket design similar to that of the Alpha Max and the Maxxis, which spreads the force of the limb out along a larger area in the riser, making for a smoother shot with less vibration and noise.

It is available in a pro version as show in the video which is the version without the shoot through riser. The elite version has a shoot through riser. The idea behind the shoot through riser is that it helps to prevent twist in the riser when drawing. This helps to maintain a consistent vibration and shock free riser during and after the shot.

The contender is an extremely accurate bow, highly forgiving, with a smooth feel during the shot and after. It was extremely easy to tune.  I shot it through a paper tuner one time and ended up with a perfect bullet hole.

Thanks for watching.

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Contender Pro with Cam & 1/2

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