Randy Oitker Amazing Shooting

Randy holds the Guinness Book of World Records’ record for shooting six arrows simultaneously and having those six arrows hit six balloons.  (see my video)  That’s a lot of six’s, a pretty impressive feat.   It’s almost as hard to say as to do.  He has so many arrows on his bow string that he has to use bare shafts to get them all to fit.

Randy Oitker

I had a chance to catch up with Randy at the Eastern Sports & Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA.  He was doing a trick shooting demonstration.  He put on a great show including his world record six-shot.  Randy stresses safety.  He practices all of his shots until he can safely do them in front of a crowd.  He explains how he does his shots.  He only uses stock equipment. He shoots Mathews Bows with a Muzzy Drop-Away Rest and Turbonocks.

After the show we talked about how his equipment and how the rest works. In the video Randy explains how he can shoot the six arrows without fletchings, and how important consistency of your shot is in archery.  Randy is an amazing shooter.  If you watch my video you will see that in some of the shots he has a totally different number of arrows on his string, but apart from the number of arrows and which bow he is using, he shoots the same. I could not tell one shot apart from the next.

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