Pin nocks and nocks

The purpose of pin nocks is to protect the arrow shaft from being damaged from contact with other arrows. The pin nock is different than a standard post nock in that it is two parts.  One part is generally made out of aluminum and is glued in to the shaft with hot melt. That part is called the pin because it sticks out of the shaft and is narrow and somewhat pointy (insert photo). The second part is made of plastic and and is called the pin nock; it slides over the pin. (insert photo). The post nock is usually made out of plastic and is inserted into the end of the arrow shaft. It is called a post nock due to the way that it is installed is similar to that of installing a fence post it is place in the properly sized hole and secured by pressure from the arrow like the post receives pressure from the soil around it.

The advantages of a pin nock

A pin nock will protect the arrow better that a stander post nock, however it is more difficult and time consuming to replace than the standard post nock. If it is made of aluminum it will become bent from both impact by other arrows and from the force applied by the string during the flight of the arrow from the bow. A post nock will not bend as easily from the force of the bowstring as it has more flex. It absorbs the impact and stays straighter. Both pin and post nocks will wear out from repeated shooting.  The plastic will become more and more brittle and break.

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