Hit or Miss Targets

I had a chance to see the new Hit or Miss Target and learn about the rules.  FITA  presented their new rules for 2010 and 2011 at the Vegas World Archery Festival.   Tom Dielen, FITA Secretary General and Executive Director explained the Hit or Miss Target for Compound.  The Hit or Miss starts in 2011 after a test at the World Championship in 2010. The target is 40cm square, but gives you a sight picture similar to the red and yellow of a standard 80cm FITA face.  The "Hit" zone  a yellow 10cm circle. The aiming zone is 30cm in red. The rest of the target is blue.  Maple Leaf Targets had a "proof" sample (pictured).  Doug Patterson showed me a copy.  He emphasized it was only a "Proof".  It will be blue all the way to the edges.

Hit or Miss Target "Proof"

Compound archers will shoot this target at 50 meters for the Elimination Rounds. A Hit is one point, everything else is zero.  The matches will be shot in sets, best of 3 ends or best of 5 ends.  The Qualifying Round will still use regular 80cm  FITA targets and scoring. It will be shot at 50 meters only. This change is to make Compound target archery look different from Recurve.  FITA hopes to get Compound into the Olympics someday.  They think this change is needed for that.  Tom also said they are testing this target. They might change the size of the Hit zone to make it bigger or smaller.   USA Archery will have some targets to try at this year's USAT tournaments on a practice range.

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  1. Your comment is mistaken. The World Championship is in 2011, the round will be tested at the World CUP events in Antalya and Ogden 2010.

  2. You are correct. The event in Antalya, Turkey this June is World Cup Stage 2.

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