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Hoyt Contender

The Hoyt Contender is Hoyt’s new target bow for 2010. I am currently shooting a Contender Elite with 3000 limbs and spiral cams. It is available with your choice of 2000s or 3000s limbs, and Spiral X or Cam & 1/2 cams. It has a limb pocket design similar to that of the Alpha Max […]

Hoyt Maxxis

I spoke with Tony Tazza, Hoyt Pro Shooter and Factory Rep, about the Hoyt Maxxis.  This bow features beyond parallel limbs which help to eliminate noise and vibration.  Tony thinks it will be the hunting bow of 2010.  It looks like they improved upon the amazing Alpha Max. I love my Alpha Max 35. What […]

Hoyt Carbon Matrix

I had a chance to talk to Tony Tazza at the 2010 Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg, PA.  Tony is a factory rep and pro shooter for Hoyt.  We talked about three bow: the Carbon Matrix, the Maxxis, and the Contender.  First up is the Carbon Matrix.  This bow is tough.  Don’t worry […]